The Veterans Law Office of
Michael E. Wildhaber

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About Attorney Wildhaber

 I am an experienced veterans law attorney who has represented thousands of veterans and their family members since 1985 who are seeking entitlement to VA benefits, including in hundreds of cases before the Veterans Court; I may be able to assist you by representing you before the Veterans Court at no cost to you.

Sunshine Berry has been working with veterans since 2009 when she was hired on with with Micheal's previous firm, The Veterans Law Office of Eagle and Wildhaber.  Sunshine's role is not only as his assistant and support staff, but to work with clients and the VA directly.  As a new caller you will work directly with Sunshine as she assists you with your questions, and advises you which documents Mr. Wildhaber will need to see to determine if he may be able to assist you.  You can be confident knowing Sunshine will assist you to the best of her ability, while working alongside one of the best veterans attorney in the country. 
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